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Be Intentional

"Emotions are temporary and feelings are finite. The more often we notice the end of a feeling that challenged us, the easier we find a place of peace and a calm mind (thanks to Radio HeadSpace).

If you read my last blog then you'll know I've really just been powering through the rest of 2021 in hopes for a refreshing 2022 - possibly Bald Head Hoe Sh*t, I digress for another blog post.

For the last two days, I've been attempting to be mindful in each moment and activity. I already have an active mind, and lately, it has had a tendency to drift away from me. At the end of my last spin class, our coach said,

"Great workout, I know you're feeling great! Remember, stay in a happy place"

And that stuck with me. It really is that simple, you control your mind and you have the power to actively stay in a happy place... (of course, if you don't have mental health issues/disorders that cause chemical imbalances etc.).

Nonetheless, you have to really be intentional about the things you do and the things you think. Power of the mind and then say things out loud to tie in the power of the tongue.

Singing at the top of my lungs works for me, I just have to make sure 80% of what I'm singing uplifts me, rather than take my mind to another place.

So I say to you, dear reader! Stay in a happy place, you control your mind AND don't let your emotions/feelings control you.

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