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It's a New Dawn, a New Day, a New... Month

Hello December!

I feel like I'm ready to tell a part of one of my (many) stories because well, the people who read this are interested.

In life, you experience people. Most you experience briefly and very few you experience for a long time, one of which you hope is your life partner. If you haven't found that person yet, then I hope your candidates have been getting better and your selection process is more efficient.

I LOVE love and I am an empath. When I make the decision to be with someone, I'm almost instantly ALL IN and to some degree, I expect the same - but everyone is different and I get that, empath remember?

I am currently... suspended in disbelief, shock if you will. I thought I was awake and done buying dreams, guess I was still sleeping.

It is important to always speak your truth, clearly and confidently. Trust your gut, because even that little doubt is something to listen to.

I find myself, "...back to the drawing board" so to speak, and in reflection of 2021.

What have I gained, what have I loss, what have I learned and what do I want to do moving forward.

Here's some unsolicited relationship advice from a single female...

  1. You will never regret going all in. Love fully and authentically because if it ends, you can walk away with a clear mind and an empty heart.

  2. Be sure about your likes and dislikes - like the ones about the person in particular. You really don't have to tell them what you like and dislike, IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS and vice-versa - let them show you who they are and you decide if you like them enough to move forward and vice-versa!

  3. You should never try to change your partner, and compromise is not changing. No one is perfect and there is no perfect relationship - I've always believed that any relationship can work once the two people (or more if you into that) communicate and commit to do the work (the work is important especially in the first year)

I will stop there and let you simmer on those thoughts. Every new day, every monumental heartbreak is a chance to reflect and refresh.

Be the person you want to be and learn yourself well enough to know the type of person you want to be with - or just be with no one and get a dog LOL

That's the beautiful thing about life... you are one choice away from changing your life.

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