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Can you Focus on... me, on yourself!

As I continue this transition in my life, I realize more and more that you truly have to treat the mistakes you make as lessons.

When you sit with your thoughts and think about things you've done wrong, you will constantly think of the reasons why you did it. Attempting to justify your actions... it's okay, that's human nature and you're human. Remember that!

I have to remind myself of that, I also remind myself that it is important to respect yourself.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything and anyone that won't help you grow or that doesn't make you happy.

I've decided to finish my year and start 2021 in Cambridge. I plan to use the time to settle into my new job (you'll hear about this soon enough). I want to continue to evolve and focus my direction. I kept saying I wanted to go on a retreat to meditate and re-root myself in myself... I can do that here, before returning to my motherland - The Bahamas for anyone who didn't know.

I've been fortunate that this year away has given me the chance to live, to love, to think, to grow, and to change. I think everyone should take time for reflection, not to dwell in the past... only to gain redirection.

Keep swimming ya'll!

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