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My Ikigai

If you've been following my past blog posts, then you know I've mentioned things like recently dropping the "Biologist" and my desire for community building... if you have no idea what those previous posts say, you can definitely recap after you read this one!

In efforts to continue my direction into Outreach and Science Communications for Marine Conservation, I applied for any and every job or internship that I felt would help me get experience in this somewhat new direction.

Well in continuing to "build my brand" and figure out what I truly want to do, the absolute, most perfect job appeared!

I'm sure many of you on my LinkedIn and Facebook know by now that as of 1st November 2020, I am the new Program Assistant at the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) in their Community Conservation Education and Action (CCEA) program.

Let me tell ya'll something, a few months ago when I began researching how to get into social science, I read up on Dr. Karlisa Callwood and the CCEA program at PIMS . I remember immediately thinking,


In fact, I even told that to a colleague of mine, how do I do what she's doing?! Sure enough, after I began aligning myself and my vision... this position magically appeared.

Okay, of course, it wasn't magically and I'm sure it was well thought out and planned. For the sake of my storytelling and this blog, just go with it!

So after this position magically appeared, it was a whirlwind of interviews and a take-home task and POOF. I was offered the position and I took it -well duh, hello!

I want to take some time to just tell you - the reader - hey, you really have to find your Ikigai!

What do you love, what you're good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for... this is when you've found your Ikigai - a Japanese Concept meaning "reason for being".

Shout out to Danni Washington for introducing me to this concept!

This is what I feel when I think about my new career path, my new job, and the brand I'm building for myself.

I think it's so important to truly understand yourself and know that all you can ever be is the BEST YOU and what's for you is for you! You have to take all the "negative things" in life as lessons, LEARN and keep pushing forward.

You're sure to get where you're supposed to be; I promise!

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