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One Year Ago...

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

On this day, exactly one year ago (October 5th) , I landed in the UK. A place I only said I'd visit to one day trace my paternal roots... not a place I ever thought of studying for my next degree. When people ask me things like, "What is your most memorable moment from your time in Cambridge"... I can never pinpoint one thing, one place, one person. My entire experience here has been memorable!

Cambridge was nothing I expected, and some how everything I needed.

I remember leaving The Bahamas so full of excitement, trying to keep my expectations low. I mean, what could I really expect?

I met so many people and experienced so many things, my life has truly changed!

You really learn who you are when you are surrounded by people you don't know AND who don't know you

I quickly tried to get involved with as many things as possible, I became class rep and pushed for continued social engagement among our cohort. What is it about me that values building community? I also ended up as the Entertainments Officer at my college (Wolfson College). Yes, it was centered around holding events to build community!

Class Rep and WolfPack Mama :)

I found something beautiful that taught me how to love, be loved and how to love myself. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason... I also believe what's meant to be will be and if it is meant for you, it will be yours.

Life has taught me the importance of the's a gift. You honestly never know how quickly things will change. Finishing my course with the pandemic brought a much needed factory reset and a much welcomed Cambridge return.

Did I mention that a month before the pandemic I cut my hair? Haha

Oh and masks are still a thing now!

I launched my show Siren Sundays... I honestly still can't believe I'm doing it and that it still is going on! Shout out to Jazzmyne Rain for always pushing me to reach my goals and live my dreams.

She honestly inspires me and I am so happy to call her my friend (12 years and counting!) Go to her website! (click that link or her pic).

I think its best to leave you with some final thoughts...

Life is all about evolving, you cannot evolve without adaptation and you cannot adapt without changing your environment.

I have evolved and loving the woman I am and who I am becoming!

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Congratulations on the new website, Lashanti! Continue to do good things for our land #conchservation.

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